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Although Latino and Hispanic Idahoans are a significant part of the state's population, culture and commerce, we remain woefully underrepresented in Idaho news media, both in news production and coverage. Voces Internship of Idaho is an equity-driven internship program that strives to bring in new and needed voices to Idaho's news landscape by opening doors for young Latino Idahoans to get professional paid experience to kick start their careers.


Voces Internship of Idaho was my one chance to get the experience I needed to transition into the career path I wanted. From the Voces Advisory Council to award-winning Idaho journalists, I've made several mentors throughout this experience. Having reporters that share your community's culture and identity is meaningful. I'm just one Latina working in an Idaho newsroom, but I know there are many groups that still don't have someone that looks like them covering the news. I hope that my experience shows how equity-driven programs can boost someone's career path, a path that otherwise might have taken me years to achieve.

Mia Maldonado - Summer '22



Placement with an Idaho News Outlet (Print, T.V., or Radio)


Weekly Guidance and Support



Opportunity for real-time reporting (Portfolio, Networking, and Experience Building)

Paid Semester 

$15 an hour minimum

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